медаль Gold medal of ALL-Russia exhibition center for the best development of 2002 in the area of medical technology

Applicable for all types of X-ray image including skeleton, chest abdominal cavity or dental X-ray image.

АРА 110/160-01 is BEST SUITED FOR:

• operating and reanimation rooms, various clinical examination of patients with limited mobility

• small and country hospitals where use of expensive stationary and specialized apparatus is inexpedient

• emergency cases, mobile and field hospitals, home treatment of patients with limited mobility


QUALITY AND UNIVERSALITY. The unit ensures high quality images for X-ray image requiring either high radiation levels (inner organs) as well as low radiation levels (dental images).

POWER. High power of the unit allows to reduce film exposition time and significality decrease radiation dose for a patient.

RELIABILITY. The unit operates safely under lowered and unreliable input voltage conditions. It could be powered from any single-phase 220V power supply including household mains.

PORTABILITY. Light weight of the unit (43 kg) as well as its small dimensions and maneuverable wheels allow to relocate the unit easily and carry it over doorsteps or footsteps. The unit is free to  pass any openings doorways and elevators, it is easy to overcome thresholds, low setp.

COMPACTNESS. Is possible the transport of unit on the rear seat or in the baggage carrier of passenger car.

EFFICIENCY. The transfer of unit into the work or transport position is produced without the dismantling of unit and disconnection of electrical cable in 1-2 minutes.

ANY DIRECTION. The construction of support makes it possible to orient beam in any required direction.

EASY OF CONTROL. Automatic control panel of the unit simplifies all operations.

REMOTE BUTTON OF THE START OF PHOTOGRAPHY. Unit is equipment remote button of the start of photography with the sound signal.

EFFECTIVE DOSE. The value of the dose, which falls to the patient during the photograph, is indicated in accordance with the demand of Ministry of Public Health on the display.



• The handy control panel of the unit allows to select an organ of interest (50 presets), patient weight (4 categories), focal length (3 values) and focal spot size (small or large). The optimal operating mode is determined automatically after selection is don. The selected values are displayed on an LCD screen and could be easily modified.

• The automatic system could be reprogrammed to adjust settings to film parameters or any other characteristics of photo process being used.

• The automatic control panel ensures constant high quality of X-ray images and minimized an operator training.

• Allows to start an X-ray examination from an distance of up to 12 meters from the unit (from other room or from behind a lead glass), thus eliminating or diminishing radiation exposure for an operator. Sound alarm is given during X-ray examination.

• Control switch lock eliminates the possibility of unauthorized or accidental exposure.


• The value of the dose, which falls to the patient during the photograph, is indicated in accordance with the demand of Ministry of Public Health on the display.


• The unit automatically determines presence and quality of electrical grounding.

• The unit is supplied in a dust- water-proof case with a SHOCK ABSORBING SUSPENSION.

• It protects the unit during transportation over rugged terrain or from falls height 40 cm.


Possible assembly of unit:
Rolling stand cart which allows to perform radiography examination in any operating environment providing maximum distance from a patient

Control dynamic grid of any type

Image rack wight cassette holder to place a cassette in any position including vertical. Light, mobile, with variable angulations

Cone for dental image

Planned creation attachment, which makes convert X-ray image into DIGITAL form

PHOTOS АРА 110/160-01
X-ray emitter vertical motion range, cm. 50 - 175 Range of the exposure time, sec. 0,04–8
weight the rolling stand cart
215 Dual-focus X-ray tube:
Demensions in transportihg position , mm. 1220х540х420 large focal spot, mm. 1,4х1,4
Weigh, kg.
43 small focal spot, mm. 0,6х0,6
Number of preset programs 50

X-ray camera angle of rotation X-axis,deg

The required to start an examination after transportation
no more then 5 minutes
X-ray camera angle of rotation Y-axis, deg +180/-30
Range of voltage, kV 40 – 110 Power requirements, kW:
Range of exposure, mAs.
1,0 – 100 large focal spot
small focal spot 0,8

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